Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tattoo Story Page One Pencils

I drew this about a month ago already...time sure is flying. I have traveled more this year than all previous trips before this year combined, I think. I am really happy to burrow into the studio for the winter and do some printing. The guy at the top right of the page is John Haywood, a great talented tattoo and fine artist from Kentucky who I had the pleasure of meeting in passing in Newport. He plays all sorts of instruments really well, too.

Jenn in Cincinnati

This past weekend, my sister Jenn and I went to Newport, KY (via Indianapolis and Cincinnati) where we visited The Southgate House to see a benefit show, To Sing With You Once More. Here's a very quick sketch I did of her sipping some wine and looking at the second issue of Suspect Device (not pictured).

Status Quo Ante Bellum Accepted in Illustrators 54 Annual/Show

Woo hoo! The judges were super awesome this year, it is a huge honor and one of my biggest dreams to get into the show and annual. Keep on drawing!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Driving Page One

A pencil sketch for page one of the Tattoo Story, where Clifton Hicks travels to Whitesburg, KY from Boone, NC to get a really cool tattoo.

Friday, November 4, 2011

John Hicks

This is a drawing done from 60's era passport photo of Clifton's father. I am a big fan of the paisley tie, the fabric was really fun to draw. 

I Tossed And Turned All Night

This is a drawing for the Tattoo Story. I couldn't wait to do the layout for this particular scene, I just had to copy a drawing right from the photograph. It's very lovely. I am excited to get to this part of the story.