Friday, March 20, 2009

Ernst Haekel and Jim Henson

(Jim Henson: Ap File photo).

I was researching Ernst Haekel's beautiful drawings (excellent public domain images here and here) when I noticed the Haekel portrait on Wikipedia reminds me of Jim Henson and Kermit. I half-expected Haekel's chimpanzee skeleton to be a rod puppet.
Maybe I should contact Winfrey Odhner to work on this with me....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Curtis Edwards' Site!

I recently touched base with this really talented dude, Curtis Edwards. He's in the Society of Illustrators show again this year. Expect to see this man more often, as he's back on the east coast after having flings with Europe and Portland.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meg Hunt

New updates on Meg Hunt's blog!!

I'm always impressed by her industriousness and the quality of her work. Also, if you are an industry professional and recommend her to another industry professional she's promised to send you a gratis painting of the animal of your choice. sweet.

go hang out with the director of american illustration


The director from American Illustration is moderating a series with Jillian Tamaki and four other illustrators.

Also the deadline for this year's American Illustration competition is open till Thursday. check their website. Do it!

some sketches

for my beardy book.

comic book?

wait, wasn't I going to post more paintings? I fell in love with my brush pen (again). I want to combine the two (think Jeffrey decoster). I'll do that next time.