Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tattoo Story Thumbnails

I've been gathering notes and photos for the next installment of Status Quo Ante Bellum. I never used to enjoy thumbnails but I've grown fond of them recently, you can make lots of little pretty drawings really fast and kind of throw them away if they're not so good.  The other drawing is from earlier this week when I was feeling sad.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tattoo Story Drawing

SPX 2011

I went to the Small Press Expo this past weekend with Jen Tong, Li-Or Zaltman and Sara Varon. (I have to add that Sara's new book, Bake Sale, is a pleasure to read--go get a copy!)

Here is a photo of my comic book sketchbook in the hotel the morning we left (I ran out of paper oh no!).

The second is a photo of me nervously and excitedly waiting in line for Nate Powell to autograph my fresh copy of Any Empire.  This book is really wonderful. Nate is a very nice guy and said kind things about my comic, which was awesome--he is one of my favorite artists. It was an inspiring weekend full of big crazy comic books. I recommend looking at Anders Nilsen's Big Questions and Craig Thompson's Habibi, just by size alone they boggle the mind with their ambition and raise the bar for making long-form narrative comics.