Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Here I Am

Dust Jacket photo by Balazs Gardi

I'm reading Alan Huffman's biography of Tim Hetherington, Here I Am. It's a great portrait of a war photographer with a singular voice. I was having a very difficult time finishing the second half of the book, because it's hard to absorb all the details leading to his death in Misrata, but it's a great book. Lynsey Addario reviewed the book on The Daily Beast late last month, which you can read here. Her post includes some of the last photographs Tim took before he died.

Studio Yolo Comic

I was the guest writer at Studio Yolo this month, here's the comic I made. I found that working from my own script was less of a challenge and allowed me to take it in a more personal direction. I should do diary comics like this. It's a bit of a leak, since the rest of the comics submissions for this month's challenge won't go live for a few more days. I took studio mate/fellow YOLO brolo Dean Haspiel's advice and kept everything simple. Click to read.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Sebastian Junger

On Wednesday night I got to meet and shake the hand of Sebastian Junger, 1/2 of the reason I started my veteran comic project (the other 1/2 of that reason is Tim Hetherington, who died while covering the conflict in Libya, a few months after I read Junger's War and saw Restrepo). I also got to give him a copy of my most recent comic and say a very heartfelt thank you. It was great.

Junger was at the Brooklyn Brewery in conversation with Steve Hindy, co-founder of the brewery and former war reporter. All proceeds benefited RISC, Reporters Instructed in Saving Colleagues, an organization Junger started after Hetherington's tragic death that he felt could have been avoided, had those around him been properly trained to save lives.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Victor Kerlow: Everything Takes Forever

Victor Kerlow is debuting Everything Takes Forever, published by Koyama Press, at the Toronto Comic Art Festival (TCAF). You can preorder a copy and get some handmade drawings from Victor, or grab a copy at the official release party at Desert Island on May 16th. From his blog:

"Email me at victormk at gmail dot com with your proof of pre-order and for the first 20 I get, I'll send you a watercolored drawing as thanks for the support. "