Friday, May 14, 2010

Charmingwall Show June 4th

I'll be showing these wee little paintings at Charmingwall Gallery on June 4th, a Friday. It's on West 4th Street. It's a cool concept called the 6x6 Project, the participating artists buy canvas from the gallery and they're hung together in a salon style grid. There's a wine reception and the work stays up for a month in the gallery and 3 months on their website. If a piece is sold you get an 80/20 split, which means you have a decent chance of getting your initial investment returned. Stop by the gallery and go for it, the openings are always a blast and it's cool to be in a show with so many talented artists. Plus it's in the West Village and not Red Hook so your friends from Jersey will totally come.


I haven't gotten alot of sleep lately but I have been really lucky to get work done and see many inspiring friends. I wish I could work on these a bit longer, it was a rush to get these done in less than a week. This project made me realize I haven't painted (especially on canvas) in a super long time, and the gouache was not into the surface at all, it kept beading because I added too much water.  But a fun time indeed!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Arty Things

There's a new post up on Diderot's Photo Blog with some really interesting guerrilla art involving a wonderful mash-up of past and present social issues. It's really worth checking out. I felt a little self conscious about the Oil Spill comic I just posted, I am never sure about making work about things I feel passionately about, I don't want to risk losing narrative credibility by being overly emotional. So it was really great to be in such good company. In an age where people fall back on automated 100 word status updates to express themselves and contribute to a cultural dialogue it's nice to see people turning upsetting situations into something more constructive.
Tonight I went to see Daniel Clowes speak at a local independent bookstore and he was really great. He said something to the effect of that the images he makes are ideas that immediately embarrass him when he first thinks them up. I think that's a good art-making policy.
His new book, Wilson is a haunting collection of existential one-liners merging sweetness with weirdness. I love it but it makes me want to read Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron again, because it's longer and even weirder.

So check out that blog and read some Dan Clowes, ok?

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Sketch + Oil Spill Comic

I am really sad about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It's washing ashore in my hometown and killing off the wonderful local shrimping and oyster industry. After the hurricane there wasn't much to come home to, now what do we have left? Two handfuls of nothing, and the hope and promise that tomorrow will be better.