Friday, December 28, 2007

Big Rock Candy Mountain

The Hens Lay Soft Boiled Eggs. gouache, embroidery, and applique on bandana fabric, 2007. © Jess Ruliffson.

The Farmer's Trees Are Full of Fruit. silksreen, toy bird, embroidery and gouache on bandana fabric, 2007. © Jess Ruliffson.

The Jungle Fires Were Burning. Applique, embroidery, gouache on bandana fabric, 2007. © Jess Ruliffson

These are from a series of ten done in the spring for the Location as Character show at the SVA Westside Gallery on West 26th Street.

Lately I heave been inspired by Marc Burkhardtand Jenny Hart . Ironically, I have been having an itch to move to Austin lately, and they are both Austin-based artists. I had seen Marc's work in 3x3 and one of his promotional mailers via Minh from the Village Voice when he spoke in our class last fall, but sometimes looking twice really helps. I just heard of Jenny via a Google search for illustrators working in embroidery, as I've been exploring the medium all year and am looking for a place to go with it.

There's also a show at the Museum of Art and Design you should check out called Pricked: Extreme Embroidery. It's up till March 9th, 2008.

Here are some other pieces I made this fall, since I have been lax with my 'Embroidery Tuesday' entries, and will likely not be updating through the holiday.

River Baptism. Embroidery on linen, 2007. © Jess Ruliffson

Small Talk. Embroidery and gouache on cloth dinner napkin, 2007. © Jess Ruliffson.

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