Friday, February 22, 2008

Opening at the Society

went to the society of illustrators show; I'm so lucky to be in new york. I went with a big group of awesome people from the studios, harrassed even more awesome illustrators, who were very kind and good sports about a mob of us in full regalia, passing out business cards and yapping ourselves blue. I've been submitting work to all the competitions and just making work.


p.s. i filmed a regrettable segment of this evening on behalf of the society, somehow documenting "artists who inspire me". I'm pretty sure I just babbled about zohar lazar and david park.
additionally, I saw seth mulvey, who is keeping busy with storyboarding...his stuff here.

Also check out my friends here:

Yoko: Yoko Furusho.
Victor: Victor Marchand Kerlow.
Nick: Nicholas Zutrau.
Cannaday: Cannaday Chapman.
Diana: Diana Ho.

I'll post stuff tomorrow when blogger is being less of an enigma. for sure.

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