Friday, August 8, 2008


i had bad dreams all night, and am pretty tired. i was on a crashing boat with no windows, and my sister got bitten by a spider and died, and then she wasn't there, it was just a cold, white book. tell me what that means.

this painting took me a few days, even though it is small. I didn't like where it was going but I'm glad I forced myself to finish it.

I'm currently reading "Suttree" by Cormac McCarthy and highly recommend it.

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zack said...

I have dreams with large mass of water too... I can ttel if there is a universal meaning of that but to me it means that my reality has been a bit all over the place.. being very unsure of something and cant find the answer to it
the only one i had with a boat was on this boat with some ppl i was arguing with.. they were friends but liked to pick on me... this guy brian kept telling me to get drinks for him.. the boat was heading towards something called love in the dream which is why i kept staying there but then i felt like they were too mean for me and i left.. i started flying and swimming and then met diana and erik on the beach and was showing them a movie about relationships.. for some reason i left there too and i just kept swimming in water coz there was no land in sight kinda like those polar bears and the global warming thing... if u paint a lot water may mean something very different to you .. was it moving around? or calm? and what color was the water.. or did u see the water at all or u just were in a boat and that was ur view?