Sunday, October 26, 2008

3rd Ward Illos

Some pieces that I've done for the portfolio class over the past two weeks. I'm currently working on more interesting stuff that is less illustrationy. Had an inspiring weekend in Philadelphia, where I visited the Gee's Bend and James Castle exhibitions at the art musueum, and wandered through the Magic Gardens in the rain. I want to start sewing again. I feel this new stuff, while I'm learning alot by making it, is pretty icky-looking.

First version, conceptual piece about cross-pollination:

Second Version:

Final version:

Cartoonier than I had hoped for, but am really pumped about the palette.

First try for a rather literal piece about teamwork:

Second try. Much better but looks kinda cheesy. Oh well:

Next time I'll post Buenos Aires. Those should be pretty cool.
Also, I'm in a group show on Thursday at Destination Art Space, I'll post more information soon!

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