Tuesday, November 25, 2008

sketches; paintings soon!

Here are some sketches from Fernanda's that never saw it to the final stage. I have decide to go back and paint these, since some of them look pretty good...

Not sure how marketable this one would be as a promo piece, but it looks fun. From the "You are what you eat" assignment. A bit too literal, but I dig the cowlady's eyelashes.

The first spot sketch for the Buenos Aires piece, just some of the buildings there.

The second spot sketch. It's Evita reading Borges. I know it's ridiculous but I think that is why it's good. Fernanda said it probably would be hard to see in print. Both of these spots look like alot of fun to paint.

The Buenos Aires sketch (1/4 pg I think) related to the Borges spot above. I am into chandeliers and most anything that lives on ceilings.

Not for Fernanda, a recent piece:

this is a painting of damien jurado I started around 4 this morning when I couldn't get back to sleep.

I won't be posting till the first, but expect to see the finals for these.

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