Friday, May 8, 2009

Fernanda Cohen Workshop at 3rd Ward

I had the wonderful opportunity to take a six session class with Fernanda this past fall and it was incredibly helpful. I spent years at art school trying to figure out what she has the ability to deliver in a few classes. If you can spare a little bit of money, it is definitely worth it. She's super nice and fun, and is teaching at SVA and moderating lecture series at the Society of Illustrators.

About the Class:
Illustrator's Workshop

This two day workshop focuses on a combination of theory and studio work. The first third of each day starts with a lecture on the foundation of illustration, how to put a portfolio together, self-promotion, networking, illustration reps and the business of illustration. The rest of each class focuses on one single illustration assignment. Students work in-class, receiving feedback as they sketch and conceptualize, allowing them to understand the process involved in delivering a client’s idea clearly and successfuly. There is a group critique of the sketches and finished assignments, and a filmed interview with the instructor. Each student receives a copy of the interview for future reference. The goal of this workshop is to impart a deep and hands-on introduction to the illustration field, from both an artistic and a business perspective.

*3rd Ward just lowered the price of the workshop, too...
Member Price: $175 (was $200)
Nonmember Price: $225 (was $250)

Class registration here

Also, I recently took a class at 3rd Ward and they lowered the class fee a few days before the class began. I don't know if this will be the case this time around, but call them up and see if they might know.

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