Monday, June 15, 2009

Torapote Paintings

These two new paintings will be in the TORAPOTE show at Destination Art Space. The opening is this Wednesday, please come if you're free and in the city that evening!

I was having a very hard time with the Bo Diddley painting and nearly scrapped it. It still could use some work but I'm surprised it turned better than it was going there for awhile. Don't give up!

The wonderful Ben Shamback once told me he sometimes tells himself to paint for just 15 more minutes when a painting is veering toward the crappy side. After those 15 minutes you can press on for another few more minutes until you forget the self-imposed deadline and end up painting your way out of a hole. It's hard to do but usually works.

Here's some more brush pen drawings. I did these a few weeks ago; they're freshly excavated from the mysterious pile of rubble on my drawing table.

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Daniel Fishel said...

beautiful ink drawing.