Monday, August 24, 2009

Stuff for Lucky Gallery show 9/27

Diana Ho, Suzan Choy and I have been slaving away at our puppet production, it looks like it's gonna be great. It's just a month away and I have so much to do! Probably won't hear from me for a long while, I'm sorry! Maybe I will start drawing again on the train. The train line I'm near now is way less friendly than the N, W. Bummer.

Note: The Really Goodlooking puppet is foxy because Diana Ho made it...also it was modeled after me, and I am a total babe.
The not-so goodlooking puppet is the one man band marionette I am working on.

Come check us out at the end of September, it'll be great!

Also I've been cooking. Have a pancake on me.

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