Monday, September 28, 2009


Thanks to everyone who came out! A special thanks to the following dudes and ladies:

LAURA ARENA - gallery director
JAKE ARMSTRONG - voice talent
RIDGE CARPENTER - puppeteer and stagehand
SHIRAJ GANGULY - puppet roadie
MARLON HURT - guru of sound
JAZ HAROLD - mistress of sewing
RICHARD MEGNA - materials supplier and patron of the arts, director of photography
ALEC LEWELLYN - puppet music
MICHAEL BODEL - wizard of puppetry
GEORGE HO - chair chauffeur and pizza deliverer

Super awesome time and the show turn out was AMAZING! More puppeting in the future from us I hope!
There won't be another puppet performance but the art is still up on the walls till this sunday, be sure to take a gander before they're gone!

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Diana Ho said...

love the credit titles! will steal for own blog, if you don't mind. ;)