Friday, May 14, 2010

Charmingwall Show June 4th

I'll be showing these wee little paintings at Charmingwall Gallery on June 4th, a Friday. It's on West 4th Street. It's a cool concept called the 6x6 Project, the participating artists buy canvas from the gallery and they're hung together in a salon style grid. There's a wine reception and the work stays up for a month in the gallery and 3 months on their website. If a piece is sold you get an 80/20 split, which means you have a decent chance of getting your initial investment returned. Stop by the gallery and go for it, the openings are always a blast and it's cool to be in a show with so many talented artists. Plus it's in the West Village and not Red Hook so your friends from Jersey will totally come.


I haven't gotten alot of sleep lately but I have been really lucky to get work done and see many inspiring friends. I wish I could work on these a bit longer, it was a rush to get these done in less than a week. This project made me realize I haven't painted (especially on canvas) in a super long time, and the gouache was not into the surface at all, it kept beading because I added too much water.  But a fun time indeed!

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kip said...

These paintings are deep, lush and beautiful.