Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Swampy pt. 2

Almost there....need some bigger black parts, esp. behind the birds.
They're imaginary birds so they don't really look like anything, though in the next piece I want to make a page full of White Ibises, I found out they like swamps, they are SO AWESOME.

There may be a color version of this in the future but right now I'm working on just getting a bunch of stuff inked for the residency. Eeep!

Monday, April 26, 2010


I am making a series of drawings for a comic book residency, here is the first one, it's not finished yet but I wanted to preserve this stage/show it off because I am pretty excited about it. The brush pen was drying out and the paper is a nice soft texture with a heavier weight so I got some cool brushy things happening. I basically picked a bunch of stuff I wanted to draw and put it all together for fun. I had an idea for a story but I'm a crappy writer so I thought this would help me get past the dread of not being witty or cool enough to make it in the first place.
Also my friend Suzan told me about this embroidery thing, Hoopla, it looks pretty cool and it's FREE to enter/no limit on submissions. Get stitching everyone!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Busy Day

Go see Eric White's paintings at Jonathan Levine Gallery. Go. I'm not kidding. The best most beautiful paintings I have seen in forever. I haven't gotten out much lately but still. Please do yourself a favor and go see them.

People I met at MOCCA:

This girl, Helen, does really awesome mini comics detailing the perils of subway riding and careless lovers. She's also a singer, check her out.

Another guy I met likes to cast things in resin and text on his iPhone. He was very nice and traded me a resin army tank for my mini.

J.T. Yost is a talented pet portrait painter but also a great comic maker. I recommend checking out his Snoop Doggy Dogg comic.

Esther Pearl Watson
is the nicest person. And you already know she is insanely talented, go get all of her books from the library.

Rosa Colon and Carla Rodriguez
came all the way from Puerto Rico and gave us a ton of cute itty bitty books for a trade! The nicest girls at MOCCA.

Eroyn Franklin
is super nice and told me all about her Xeric grant experience. What a nice gal. And her books are so pretty--she hand prints the dust jackets and there are some really fancy cut away things going on. I can't describe it go see!

Dudes at thegoodproduct.com holding it down as usual. Great great stuff.

Joan Reilly is working on a cool feminist comic, I love her drawings!

This lady Jess Harold did an amazing comic about Aretha Franklin's Inauguration Day Hat. I can't find her website though. She had a jellyfish tattoo! Go see her at Sunnyside Tattoo!

gave me an amazing/pretty book for trade.

There are other people I met but can't remember now, but thanks to everyone who stopped to chat, it was nice to see you.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Followed by Otis

Printmaking is Hard

I'm working on a mini-comic and hope to finish it before Saturday, just in time for MOCCA! I went to the printshop to silkscreen the cover and it look me 3 hours to get one color. I forgot that printmaking is hard!