Friday, July 8, 2011

status quo ante bellum

Status quo ante bellum, according to dear old Wikipedia, can be translated thus: "The state of things as they were before the war". Additionally, "The term was originally used in treaties to refer to the withdrawal of enemy troops and the restoration of prewar leadership. When used as such, it means that no side gains or loses territory or economic and political rights." I'm interested in how this archaic phrase relates to our growing group of wounded war veterans today. (What war veteran is not wounded?)

Reading Alan's War by Emmanuel Guibert, it is gorgeous. Alan was a G.I. in WWII and went to Fort Knox like Clif. I have only read the first few pages so far and plan to read it over the weekend. There's also a interesting video Emmanuel and First Second (the publisher) put up on YouTube that shows his interesting inking style. Very fun.

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