Monday, December 19, 2011

Framing and Puppet Show

I have been busy this month preparing materials for the Society of Illustrators reception and annual I am a part of this year. I've also been helping some new friends with puppet propping for their forthcoming show, The Master of Prayer. (I made a book out of paper bags and cardboard, and drew the illustrations--I neglected to get photos of the book-- but it was a fun assignment!) These guys are incredibly talented and high energy--there will be live music accompanying very dramatic puppet action, with an occasional human soliloquy. I am waiting on details about their upcoming shows this month in Brooklyn and beyond, details will be posted here as I get them.

Framed and dropped off my pieces for the Society of Illustrators Sequential Show. Come see!

Craig's cat Meow-Meow nestled in the fiddle case.

Adam examining a guard puppet.

Noah playing guitar in Craig's living room.

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