Thursday, August 30, 2012

Haditha/Katrina on Newsstands Now in OA New South Journalism Issue

The first eight pages of Haditha/Katrina (in full, glorious color) are featured in the current New South Journalism Issue of The Oxford American. Get yourself a copy at your local bookstore!

I will post a shameless photo update when I get my copy. Thanks to Wes Enzinna and the rest at OA for being gracious enough to spell check and add commas where applicable. You guys are great.

If you scroll to the bottom of their BLOGS page, this blog is currently listed in their contributors section. Yay comics journalism!

In other news, the background of page one of the Haditha comic is my mother's front yard. She lives in Pass Christian, MS and got some serious flooding yesterday, here's a photo for reference:

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