Monday, September 24, 2012

New Nib and Brooklyn Book Festival

I went to New York Central Art Supply on Saturday and picked up a new nib holder, fancy G-nibs, and some really gorgeous Strathmore 500 Bristol. I bought a Dustin Harbin original drawing at SPX and was inspired to use the materials he draws with to see if I could make something really clean and pretty, like his stuff. The lines are not as clean as I thought they would be, quite messy actually, but really fun. I don't understand how people letter comics with nibs. It's hard and unwieldy. I think the ink I use is too thick and may be causing all the trouble. Further investigation is required.

I also had the opportunity to see a great panel at the Brooklyn Book Festival, moderated by Bill Karalopoulos. It was inspiring and encouraging to hear about each of their story-writing processes.

Bill Kartalopoulos,  Gabrielle Bell, Carla Speed McNeil, Adrian Tomine, Jaime Hernandez.

Adrian Tomine, Jaime Hernandez.

I want to find a smarter way to work, or a way work faster. Maybe it is a matter of developing consistent work habits.

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