Monday, March 4, 2013

To Build A Home

Hang Dai v2.0, March 2013. Photo: Dean Haspiel

I moved to a new studio space in Gowanus with some cool cartoony folks on Friday. Hang Dai version 2.0 desks left to right: Christa Cassano, Dean Haspiel, Fred Harper, Seth Kushner, myself, Greg Benton. Not pictured: microwave. The building is really beautiful and already feels like home. I did a lot of drawing over the weekend and rode my bike there on Saturday. The sky is open in that part of Brooklyn, there's weird overpasses, train trestles covered in black gauze, and little brick apartments with tiny porches.There's also 99 cent chicken in a parking lot nearby (which sounds as magical as it actually is, no sarcasm). The trains go by above our heads and sound the way an airplane sounds when you're inside it and it's taking off, but even softer. It's interestingly soothing.

To Build a Home - Cinematic Orchestra with Patrick Watson

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