Wednesday, May 8, 2013

An Approach to Tabling by So What? Press

Dave Kelly of So What? Press recently shared with me how he and his partner in crime, Lara Antal, decide which comics fests to attend every year. Dave says, “We were inspired to do this by the band Fugazi who had a similar "code" about when and where to play concerts.”

  • Admission must be under $10/day or free.
  • Show must be curated - - you want to feel good about being there.
  • No more than one fest per month - - unless one is in NYC.
  • Table price must include two badges, two chairs.
  • Fest cannot run longer than two days.
  • Never pay more than $100/half table, $200/full - - and always share whenever possible.
“We break the rules every once in awhile, but they've proven their worth - - and not just monetarily, but in overall positivity of the experience.  The winning combination is always a free, one-day show, in NYC - - you can never go wrong, haha!

The disclaimer: we do break our own rules sometimes and do not put ourselves above any festival.  We know there are logistical reasons why some festivals charge higher table prices.  The ultimate point, though, is that "the rules" have helped inform our decision-making process as well as improve our exposure and performance.”

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