Friday, August 2, 2013

Pete's Mini Zine Fest August 24

This year's poster was created by the talented Morgan Pielli. Definitely keep your eyeballs on his work, it's super great. For more details, visit the official PMZF event page here.

In addition to selling comics on Saturday, I'll be participating in a brief creator reading the evening before @ Pete's on 8/23. I'll be reading excerpts from some of the interviews I've collected from veterans.

PMZF is a wonderful annual festival taking place in North Williamsburg at local watering hole and music venue, Pete's Candy Store. Delightfully low-budget and overflowing with creative talents, be sure to check it out--it's free!

I'll have the last few dregs of my printed matter available, as well as some shiny Birdcage Bottom Books titles for sale.

PMFZ 2013, Morgan Pielli.

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