Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cool Dudes

The Indigenous Show at The City Reliquary in Brooklyn is sooo good! The awesome Victor Kerlow, Ming Lin, and others (of MAMAL-NYC) created a show tinged with nostalgia and reverence for the best things the city has to offer, both past and present.
Be sure to hop over to Williamsburg to check out the show as it's housed in cool space as well; there's tons of cool Brooklyn-centric artifacts: collection of copper molds, very old hammers, a life-size installation of an old newsstand, information booth about the belly-dancing pioneer "Little Egypt" and a tree house out back. The space is inviting and unpretentious. Plus the artwork is amazing! For two dollars you can pick up a NYC guide written by the artists showcasing all the old hidden gems of New York.

I also met two dudes who are part of the Artworld Digest Magazine. As I understand it, their magazine is web-based currently, but they're hoping to publish the paper edition again once they've changed to non-profit status. Looks like they feature some uber-cool artists on a regular basis.

Another show in W-Burg tonight. It looks pretty cool! ANdrew Jeffrey Wright and Issac Lin at Cinders Gallery.

Issac Lin
Dog City Brickhouse
gouache on cut out paper
10.5" x 7"


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