Wednesday, July 1, 2009

don't lose yourself

I haven't noticed summer because of the ridiculous amounts of rain. Apparently, in Mississippi there has been a drought for as long as we've had all of this freakish precipitation in NYC. I just read this book and I'm feeling dismal about being a part of global warming/the human race in general. I really am not the hippie type and I think Al Gore is a capital d-bag but there is a big problem no one is addressing, save to recycle a few yogurt cups. I wonder if I get my feelings of apprehension of the coming apocalypse from my father's side of the family.

Here's a painting I did. I need to paint more, think less.

Also, Ernie Barnes is really great. I discovered him via this great interview with Judith Linhares.

Ernie Barnes Paintings:

In other news, Vibe Magazine and Nickelodeon Magazine folded. Maybe I should go to grad school and teach kids in rural Mississippi how to make books.


VICTOR said...

woah jess that painting you did is incredible- its definitely my favorite painting youve ever done! it reminds me of a dana schutz ben shahn kind of painting, really really, awesome, the color choises and independent color schemes for the people. it rulezzzz

Tory said...

I agree 100% with victor except I'm a month too late.