Friday, April 13, 2012

Comics, Chickens, Other Adventures

I was going somewhere.

I followed this woman to the library.

Josh Bayer at the Suspect Device release party at Desert Island.

Mike Freiheit and Edwin Vazquez

Sasha Pearl plays G.G. Allin on tenor banjo @ Desert Island.

Passover plate at Blaine and Phoebe's

Blaine torching the chametz.

Saturday night on the train.

The new studio chair.

Thunderbolt girl

Chicken butt (similar to cat butt)

Prospective apprentices at Imani Garden

Kids in the coop

Running chicken count and chores

Coffee chaff on the coop floor (very very soft)

Chickens originated in the jungle near Indonesia and love trees

 I will keep loving because I believe in love
Ivory Road - King Charles

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