Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Digestate Anthology + Stuff You Should See

My pal Victor Kerlow drew this cool taco head dude for the MOCCA-debuting postcard announcement of the forthcoming Birdcage Bottom Books anthology, Digestate. Victor just redesigned his website and it looks real pretty.

Marshall Arisman's Ayahuasca Cave series is opening at Sacred Gallery this Thursday, looks way badass.

This Friday is the release party for Suspect Device #2 at Desert Island in Brooklyn (540 Metropolitan). I think there will be a ukulele performance and probably really cheap beer. I'll be there, too.

Brooklyn Zine Fest is April 15th, more info here. My pal Matt Carman, who I had the pleasure of learning banjo with at Jalopy, is co-organizer of the event and publishes his own zine, I Love Bad Movies.

Seth Tobocman is teaching a cool class at SVA this summer, Comics as Journalism (!!!)

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Matt Carman said...

Thanks Jess! We'll inevitably run into each other at one of these events or other.